Our Partner Schools Programme

Join a global network of forward-thinking educators dedicated to excellence in education. We offer comprehensive support, helping you deliver UK international school qualifications with confidence.

Helping schools deliver life-changing UK international school qualifications

The British Council supports schools deliver UK international school qualifications.  

Together with UK-based awarding bodies, we offer expert guidance for schools as they adopt and maintain UK international school qualifications in their schools. Our rigorous Quality and Compliance Assessment (QCA) process guarantees high-quality and secure exam delivery, even under the most challenging conditions. Our local presence enables us to offer personalised operational support that frees educators to concentrate on what truly matters educational outcomes. 

We support teachers and leaders with continuing professional development and networking opportunities. Our Online Support for Schools(OSS) platform has to-date connected over 100,000 educators, enabling them to share best practices and network with peers and experts. Additionally, we support students by facilitating classroom projects and extracurricular activities designed to develop global citizenship and core skills. 

Our commitment

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Provide local support

We help young people worldwide to transform their lives, by providing access to learn English, get a high-quality education and gain internationally recognised qualifications

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Trusted partner

We offer support for schools to seamlessly and securely deliver globally trusted, life changing UK international school qualifications

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Learning community

We nurture an educational community to support professional pathways for educators, enable enriched learning journeys, and prepare students for the future.

The benefits of becoming a British Council Partner School

From operational support and professional development opportunities to student safeguarding, there are many benefits to joining the British Council Partner Schools community.

Learn more by reading our in-depth guide on how becoming a Partner School supports schools to improve educational outcomes.

Learn more about the Partner Schools Programme

Attend the Schools Now! conference

Connect with educators and school leaders from a global community of over 2,600 Partner Schools. Each year’s conference finds school leaders learning from each other and implementing key takeaways from the conference in their own schools.

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Collaborate globally with Partner Schools Connect

The Partner Schools Connect programme facilitates joint classroom-based projects, encouraging participants to exchange ideas and engage with students from other countries.


Drive innovation with Action Research Grants

Our Action Research Grants programme supports school educators who are passionate about fostering a culture of innovation. Our support covers funding, professional resources and mentorship.

Action research grants

Additional highlights of joining the Partner Schools Programme

Online Support for Schools (OSS)

Exclusive professional development hub for educators and school leaders from Partner Schools.

Your World video competition

Participate in our global video competition where students showcase their creativity and perspectives.

Student safeguarding 

Prioritise student safety with resources and training on safeguarding that promote safe and inclusive learning environments.

 Steps to becoming a Partner School

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Step 1. Contact the British Council 

Contact the British Council and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. If your school is planning to adopt UK international school qualifications, we can provide information on the operational and educational support we provide, the application process, fees and resources needed to offer these qualifications.

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Step 2. Submit the application form

We can help you with the application process. At this point, schools need to choose a UK-based awarding body such as Cambridge International Education, OxfordAQA, or Pearson Edexcel. 

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Step 3. Get an on-site inspection

We then help plan an initial inspection visit to assess your school's readiness and compliance with the programme's standards. This visit report is shared with the relevant UK-based awarding body for review.

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Step 4. Approval and onboarding

Upon approval by the UK-based awarding body and the British Council, your school is officially welcomed into the Partner Schools Programme. We then provide induction training and assign a Relationship Manager for ongoing support.

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Step 5. Access Partner Schools support

Gain access to our exams delivery expertise, professional development opportunities, and a global network of educators committed to drive excellence in international education.

Your guide to delivering UK international school qualifications

Get clear, actionable steps on offering UK international school qualifications at your school.

Frequently asked questions

Read answers to commonly asked questions. 


What is the British Council Partner Schools Programme?

The British Council Partner Schools Programme collaborates with schools worldwide to deliver UK international school qualifications, offering comprehensive support in exam delivery, administration and logistics, professional development, and global networking.

Which UK international school qualifications can we offer through this programme?

Schools can offer a range of UK international school qualifications, including but not limited to International GCSEs, International AS-Levels and International A-Levels. Qualifications are administered by UK-based awarding bodies such as Cambridge International Education, OxfordAQA, and Pearson Edexcel. 

How does our school become a British Council Partner School?

We share more detailed steps above. The process involves an initial inquiry for information, preparation to adopt qualifications, submission of an application form with necessary documents, an assessment and inspection visit, and finally, approval and onboarding into the programme. 

What support does the British Council provide to Partner Schools?

The British Council offers personalised operational and educational support, empowers leadership and professional development, and fosters global citizenship and core skills among students.

Can our school join the programme if we already offer qualifications from a UK-based awarding body?

Yes, schools already offering qualifications from UK-based awarding bodies are encouraged to join the programme to benefit from additional support and resources provided by the British Council.

What are the costs associated with becoming a British Council Partner School?

Costs can vary based on the services required and the scale of exam administration. Partner Schools value the expert operational and educational support that assures secure exam delivery in addition to professional development and other unique opportunities to access a global network of educators. For detailed information, contact the British Council directly. 

How does the British Council ensure the security and integrity of exams?

The British Council follows a rigorous Quality and Compliance Assessment (QCA) process, with over 26,000 venue and exam staff worldwide to ensure secure and high-quality exam delivery. 

What professional development opportunities are available for educators?

The British Council connects educators with our Learning & Development ecosystem, offering access to training resources through the Online Support for Schools(OSS). Access to exclusive events like the Schools Now! conference and many other collaboration and partnership opportunities with a global community as well as programmes such as Action Research Grants and safeguarding resources.

How can our school prepare to adopt UK international school qualifications?

Schools should review their curriculum, resources, policies, and staff capabilities to align with the qualification standards. We offer guidance and support from the British Council throughout the preparation phase.

What infrastructure and resources are required for our school to effectively deliver UK international school qualifications?

The answer will depend on the UK-based awarding body and qualifications you want to offer. The British Council can provide guidance on the specific requirements. We offer support in identifying the resources needed to create an optimal learning environment for these qualifications. 


Become a Partner School

If your school would like to offer UK international school qualifications through the British Council, apply to become a Partner School today. 

Our team is ready to support you with tailored resources, professional development, and a network that spans across continents.