Your World student competition 

Unlock your students' creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in an exciting video-making competition with other Partner Schools from across the globe. 

Climate Change - From crisis to action 

This year's focus was on climate change, challenging students to transform their unique perspectives into meaningful action.  

Through the competition, the British Council invites students from Partner Schools to showcase and enhance their core skills, while tackling global issues.  

Register your interest for the competition

If you are an existing British Council Partner School and would like your school to participate in the competition, please fill in the form below to register your interest. If you are currently not a Partner School and would like to join the Partner Schools network, click here to fill in our expression of interest form.  

What is the Your World competition?

The Your World competition invites young, creative minds from our British Council Partner Schools network to showcase a three-minute social action video highlighting their unique perspective and innovative ideas around a social issue.

Teacher instructing a group of school boys in front a large painting in India

Why should you encourage students to take part in the Your World competition? 

Engaging in the Your World competition provides students with invaluable benefits: 

Real world knowledge

Application of knowledge in real-world contexts 

Empower your students to bridge theory and practice by applying classroom knowledge to tackle real-world challenges. This deepens their understanding of academic subjects and global issues, enhancing their educational experience. 

Critical thinking

Supports critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Witness your students improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The competition challenges them to apply these skills outside the classroom, tackling real-world issues with innovative solutions. 

social responsibility

Learn the importance of social responsibility  

The competition encourages students to understand the significance of social responsibility and inspires them to contribute positively to the world. 

global perspective

Foster a global perspective and cultural awareness 

Students join a diverse community of learners in sharing their viewpoints, broadening your students' understanding of global cultures and issues. This exposure nurtures cultural awareness and fosters a comprehensive global perspective. 

student engagement

Encourages student engagement and motivation

The competition is an exciting platform that ignites students' curiosity and motivation, allowing them to engage deeply with their learning and with the world around them. Winners get their projects shown globally and students can win prizes, which is a great way to inspire a sense of purpose and pride in their work.  

communication skills

Develop communication skills 

Participants refine their communication skills, learning to articulate ideas and opinions with clarity and confidence. This platform enhances their ability to express themselves.

2023/24 Theme: Climate Change - From crisis to action 

The 2023/24 Your World Video Competition embraces the theme, 'Climate Change - From Crisis to Action,' aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13. 

Students are invited to form teams of three to five members, and produce a compelling video, no longer than three minutes, addressing climate change in their community, their action plan and its outcomes. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and transform concern into action.

Social action project 

Through the Your World competition, students can make a difference by fighting climate change in their chosen community. Students will choose a community, be it their local neighbourhood or school, and identify a specific environmental challenge affecting their community. Highlight the issue, its ramifications, and solution in their video submission. 

Social action project ideas:

Community Recycling Program
Community Recycling Program
Sustainable Transportation Campaign
Sustainable Transportation Campaign
Community-wide Energy Conservation
Community-wide Energy Conservation
Sustainable Consumption and Waste Reduction.
Sustainable Consumption and Waste Reduction

Your World Global Winners 2023–24:  

Global winner: 

The Next Generation School, Wakra Secondary Campus in Qatar (Middle East and Northern Africa)

Regional winners:

PEC Private School in Myanmar (East Asia)

Kathmandu World School (South Asia)

Akosombo International School in Ghana (Sub-Saharan Africa)

The Grammar School, Nicosia in Cyprus (Europe}

Colegio Montessori Medellin in Colombia (Americas)


Watch the Your World 2023-24 winning video entry below

Hear from previous year’s global winning team

It was such an amazing experience that nothing could compare to it. This competition has taught me many essential skills. As students of Cau Giay Secondary school, we feel so lucky to have been a part of such a meaningful competition and made positive contributions for the community.
Students from the global winning team, Cau Giay Secondary School, Vietnam

Integrating Your World competition into your curriculum

Here’s how you can seamlessly incorporate Your World into your educational framework.

Integrate as a subject-specific project

Leveraging its versatility, educators can incorporate Your World competition into specific subjects, such as science. Students are encouraged to engage deeply with the theme, using their skills to figure out how they can implement sustainable solutions within their school or local community.


Three students looking at an iPad whilst sitting in a library

Incorporate the competition into school clubs or societies

Your World can be worked into the activities of school clubs or societies, allowing students to collaborate on projects that align with their interests and the club's objectives. This integration offers a dynamic platform for members to tackle the competition's theme, fostering teamwork and innovation in a club setting.

Three flm students instructing and capturing photos in a studio

Your World competition: Hints and tips


  • Students should feel free to interpret the theme in any way they want.
  • The video should be vibrant and interesting to watch and likely include people from the community being described.
  • They should always keep in mind that students and other people from very different cultures will be watching. Let them see something that truly captures the essence of their community.


  • Students should not make a short documentary about a distant topic unless it directly impacts their community.
  • In this competition, 'Climate Change - From crisis to action' refers to our present-day and future lives. Do not make a video about figures from history.
  • Students should not include their names within the video or video title.

How to make your entry stand out

Students must submit a live-action video focused on their world as they experience it. The video should show students have assessed local needs accurately. It should have been made specifically for this competition.

The video should highlight how the issues have been identified within a specific community and the effectiveness of the implemented social action plan. The video needs to present the positive changes or potential changes and demonstrate that community considerations have been taken into account. The aim should be to create a long-term impact.

Judging criteria

Judging criteria used at country, regional, and global levels are based on:

  • Content: the originality of the idea
  • Structure: the organisation and presentation of the idea
  • Visual design: the look and feel of the live action or animated style video
  • Overall experience: message comprehension and impact on the audience
  • Cultural sensitivity: presentation takes into account sensitivities of other cultures, countries, and regions and must not contain content that others might interpret as offensive. The video should focus on the impact on the community and how strongly the public message has been conveyed. The video must avoid political issues.

Tips and hints for making your film

Watch the video below for useful tips from the Young Film Academy


Make the most out of being a British Partner School today

Participating in the Your World competition is more than just a contest; it's an opportunity to inspire change, develop critical skills, and connect with a global community. Students can enhance their creativity, solve problems, and gain valuable experience in teamwork and communication. Join us to empower your students to become proactive global citizens, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and compassion.